fs: candycane coral green and pink


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*** disclaimer**** i"m red/green colorblind... I KNOW the green is green(not nuclear), red maybe brown if such color exists..... but was told its red/pink by others. was cleaning my 7yo sand with siphon and destroyed the colonys. I got this chit everywhere....... ^^^***&&&%%% DOES HAVE SOME ALGAE therefore receded a bit^^^***&&&%%% easliy removed and maybe gone by the time my $150 cuc order from reefs2go is done with everything. each color frag is mimimum 2 heads..... or 2 singles.... I have bout 30 total of green, pink/red/wth heads. pickup only in 90501 after 6pm m-f... $5 per 2 heads(probably more depending on interest)... ur color choice..... up for torch trades/hammer/frogspawn.... must not be common colors. if u wanna pic I'll take tomorrow is home b4 lights out. if u dont understand the above, u dont want these items, my toilet does:mad:PM ME


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Jeez you flush lps down the toilet? That's gnar. I can't even put lime peels down my garbage disposer. Lol