FS: Choice monti pack + 1 deepwater frag


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Got a few pieces that I can frag as a package. 2 for $50, 3 for $70, 4 for $80. Pick from below:

Orange Setosa
Leng Sy cap (don't have lineage)
Orange with blue tint palawanesis (looks like JF speed bomb)
Thick playing orange monti with cool nodules
Chrome monti white polyps with thick orange plating
Tyree sand dollar monti (really porites)
Grafted setosa (orange/gold)
Grafted plating monti (orange/green)

Also have a green/yellow deepwater that broke off during shipping 1 inch multi branches. $25 or free if you buy a 4 pack from above.

Please text 9096184828 for pics thanks.