FS: Commercial MRC Calcium Reactor


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I will be job hunting shortly so I need to sell some of my spare equipment.

$600 for everything

This is a huge reactor and even without the additional chamber is rated for a 900 gallon tank.

CR-818 - Single Reactor with 8" diameter chamber and recirc pump - lid modified to hold a PH probe.
Additional 8" chamber for raising PH and adding more Ca
10lb Co2 Tank
5lb Co2 Tank

I will go ahead and through in the Aquarium Plants digital regulator, but last time I used it the bubbles were not as large as they should be - I had to turn it up really high to get any Co2. No guarantees on the regulator, but their website says they will repair for $50.



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I am really trying to sell them as a package deal. Looks like no takers for now so I will probably just sit on it for a bit.