FS: Complete PFO 250W MH SE w/reflector and 3month old 10k reeflux bulb


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1 PFO 250W MH setup SE w/reflector, ballast and 3month old 10k reeflux bulb - $150.00

PFO is a great company w/ superior costumer service

I just bought the reflector 3 months ago w/ bulb

Bulb was $65 bucks

Reflector was $50

ballast was $120

Works great- I got a 400W MH setup on the way must sell

I am also selling a pinpoint Ph monitor for $35 (no probe)

Will make a deal if you buy both

Nikonosis- If you send me a PM I will answer:D
i got a guy in NC thats having me ship it to him, so the sale is pending. I try to avoid shipping something if I could sell local