FS: Complete QT Tank Set Up w/ Meds $50


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I used this basic set up to QT and train fish to eat"¦ everything from rare Angels and Butterflies to Percula clowns. It's simple and includes just about everything you need.

All the supps are more than half way full. Most barely used--if ever.

-10g AGA Tank
-Whisper Power Filter
-250g Nitrofurazone Powder (Used only a few grams, retails >$50)
-2 bottles Cupramine (one brand new)
-1 Bottle Prazi Pro (A must for QT of Bflys and Angels, Barely used)
-1 Bottle of ParaGuard
-Lifeguard IO treatment
-Hikari Bio Bandage
-Kent Garlic
-Mag Float cleaner
-2 Specimen Containers (One drilled in bottom, has crack)
-Fresh Hikari Marine A & S Packs
-Battery Back Up Air pump
-PVC Ts for hiding spots
-Resin Arch (small aquascape that can be sterilized)


Pick up this week in SJ or downtown SF.

Please respect my time and I'll respect yours :thumbsup: