FS DIY ReefLEDLights.com LED Fixtures $200 OBO


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I have 2 Dimmable fixtures used over a 120g SPS tank ($200 is for both). I had very good results with these lights but understand since these were built LED lighting has come a long way and now look much cleaner. I had these hooked up to a Apex for control of dimming. These would be ideal for someone running a tank in wall or with a canopy to hide the fixture. I attached pics of the PAR results I was getting.

Each Dimmable LED Fixture is made up of the following; 2 will be needed for full coverage of a 48" tank (54LED per fixture - 108Total)

24 Cree XP-E Royal Blue
12 Cree XP-E Cool White
10 Cree XP-G Hi Noon White
4 Cree XPE Blue
5 UV Violet
2 Green
1 Red

I just took them down on Thursday and with all the drivers and wires its kind of a mess so consider that and the possibility of having to rewire the LEDs to the drivers to clean things up. I have everything labeled so it should be pretty easy.


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