FS: (due to upgrade) 125 gallon Sea Clear, with stand and canopy (San Diego, CA)


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It's just about that time (within the next two weeks).
... I'll be soon upgrading to a 240. :bounce:

So, I'm putting out the post that my tank, stand, and canopy will be for sale.

It's a standard dimensioned acrylic Sea Clear (6' wide)
Left Rear Overflow, with Durso
(3) returns, with anti-siphon "swing" check valves and shut off valves
Center spray bar (hidden behind rock work - no rock included)

Built solid and overly reinforced, painted black
2 large doors to access underneath
33" tall

Built solid, painted black
One single lid to open and access top of tank (feeding, cleaning..etc)
(currently housing my (6) 36" T5 HO lighting - lighting NOT included, but can be for a price)

The stand and canopy will be in better condition then they are now when I go to sell them. As they'll be "cleaned up" and anything that doesn't look right or isn't "solid" will be repaired (what I should have done before installing on day one - but I was in a rush). Everything works good and looks good, but I'm super picky and just want it perfect when it walks out my front door.

The tank is in great condition, with acrylic lids. Some minor scratching on the interior but not visible from 3' away when viewing. It has a left side overflow, blue back and is drilled for a total of 3 returns. 1 of the returns is in the overflow and the other two at water height. One centered, one to the right side of the tank. So far, I've been able to NOT run any powerheads with this system and have great water flow. Not too much, not too little.

Overall height of tank,stand and canopy installed; 57"

Here's an OLD picture of when I was first installing it (in a hurry);

Here's a few months of being installed;

Here is a picture of when I was bracing my floor for the tank's weight;
(lower skirt is not on the stand in this picture, but is currently installed)

I'm going to put it up for $500 here.
But once it's broken down and ready for a sale, it'll go on Craigs for $600.00 OBO

Interested??? Come check it out, and if your serious... I'll take a ($100) deposit. This will hold the price, and the tank for when it's broken down and ready for you to pick up. Best to come see it with water in it, and how it's plumbed before it's broken down completely.

Ask any questions, I'll respond same day usually.

Location is; Clairemont (San Diego), near 805 and Balboa Ave.


I know this isn't too relevant to the items being sold, but here's how it's stocked RIGHT now;


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A couple more once the lights came on today (not that the corals or lights are relevant to the sale, but you'll get a better idea on overall look of the setup);




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... If I can find a solution to lighting my soon to be 240 (that doesn't involve the 125gal's lighting), I'll leave the lighting IN with this tank.

The lighting is;
(6) 36" T5 HO bulbs, consisting of;
2 - Fiji Purple
2 - Giesemann Actinic+
2 - AquaticLife 10K​