FS: Euro-Reef & Aqua Medic Pump

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Selling a Euro-Reef CS100 without pump...no cracks. I also have the Euro-Reef gate valve mod to go with it for better tuning. You will need a Sedra SP2 (KSP3500) needle wheel pump or similar ~300gph. I am looking for $160.

The CS series has better quality construction than the RS

Also selling an AquaMedia Ocean Runner needle wheel pump. Great for a DIY skimmer or if you need a pump for your larger Euro-Reef or ASM skimmer. This pump is rated at 630gph. It has 2 months use on it. Would like to get $45 for it.

Model OR 2700
Max Head N/A
Flow 630 USgph @ 0'
In 1/2" Barb
Out 1/2" Barb
Watts 38 WATTS
Pressure Rated No
Drive Magnetic

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Pacific Reefs

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If I remember correctly CSTIRES might have an extra SP2 needle wheel pump for sale. Chime in if you still have it for sale

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Heres the specs

Footprint : 8.5" x 10"
Height : 20"
Diameter : 6"
Outlet : 1.5"
Rating: 100 Gallons tank.

Its nice since its only 20" high so it fits in most stands. They were $449.00 new with pump. The pump I have now is just too much flow.

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Yes the 3500 needle wheel version (the also sell a 3500 non needle wheel so make sure its the needle wheel version with venturi) or the Aqua Medic Ocean Runner 1700 which is a 1500 modified with a needle wheel.


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Ok well, Im going to think about it, because ill be using it on a 120 with a rather large sump so my overall gallons are more like 150ish, and Ill be running a pretty heavy bio load, so Ill need to do alittle reaserch....