FS: Female Black Ocellaris Clown-$40


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I bought her from a fellow reefer this morning but decided to go with different kind of clowns. If she's not bought within few hours, I'm going to trade her in to the store because I don't have any extra tank for her.

She's the one on top...


Pick up in concord, ca


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...aah, just doing what I can to find a happy pair that will get their wiggle on and give us all some fry! No luck yet with the GSM, Onyxs, and black ocellaris pairs in the queue, but I've got plenty of cute little regular ocellaris.

Patrick certainly had a very nice find with his ...


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Hey Robin,

As I expected one of the larger one and the smaller one paired when I put all 3 in. I'm going to remove the smaller one and try the 2 darker ones together to see if they would pair. If they don't, I'll be contacting you. I want to do it while I'm home for the whole day which is this weekend so I'll let you know next week how it goes.

Sorry to hijack the thread.