FS - Fish and LR


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We are tearing down our tank and need to find these fish a new home. I am in Janesville, WI, just north of Rockford.

Scopas Tang - $20 5"
Lieutenant tang - $50 6"
Lemonpeel halfblack angel -$40 4"


I also have live rock FS - $2.50/lb. I have approx. 150-200lbs. I do have someone interested in some rock, will know more later tonight.

Tank and equipment will be listed after fish and rock are gone. Tank is a 210gal., hit me up if something you might be interested in.


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ok, can't upload pics for some reason. Please pm me your email and i'll send them over. Rock has some minor algea. Sand will be available once the fish are gone, there is some algea on the sand as you can see in the pics. I do have some more rock not pictured, it just hasn't been under any light so it's bare. Can get a pic of that later if you need.