FS: Fish and rock for sake


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Hey all. Think I'm gonna break down my tank but of course I've gotta get rid of the livestock first. All of my fish were properly quarantined with cupramine and prazi as well as some antibiotics for the anthia. Fish have never shown any signs of disease in the 1.5 years I've had them. They eat anything. Pellets or frozen. So up for sale is:

powder blue tang $150
Tomini tang $50
Phantom clown(female)$50
Grade A Picasso clown (male)$50
Resplendent Anthia $50
Red brittle starfish $10
Fighting conch free if you buy a fish
I green toadstool leather $20
All live rock $100

please have a big enough tank for the powder blue and ich free and clowns must go together. I'm located in Temecula