FS Frags BGM Same Coral, Great New Price


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Today due to some unfortunate circumstances, I ended up with some broken pieces from my LE Bubblegum Monster colony.

I have a bunch of freshly mounted frags. I am selling frags for $100 per eye. Much less then the 200 price to get it from Tyree.

One 4 eye frag
One 3 eye frag
One 2.5 eye frag (big piece)
Eight 1 eye frags

Feel free to give me a ring, I will be around most of the week. 203 520 2816

Pictures of frags, sorry were not great photographers.


Colony picture from several months ago


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hey josh-
called you earlier, and left you a message. if you still have a one eye frag left, i would like it! thanks, ted


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Haha, only 2 one eye frags left right now.

As well as one 3 eye and one 4 eye.

Give me a ring if you want to pick something up


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The 3 eye frag is now a 4.5 eye frag still $300

The 4 eye frag is now a 5 eye frag still $400

Also have another 1 eye frag that never got paid for and picked up.


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Hey guys, had a couple people ask at the last frag event for more BGM, and the thing is outgrowing my other corals, I wish i could get my SPS to grow like this.

So I have 3 more 1 eye frags at $90 each,

A frag with 6 eyes for $300

A frag with 8 eyes for $400