FS/FT 20 long.

Talking with Calvin415 tonight I reminded myself that I have a 20 gallon long laying around here. After thinking about it I decided I'll check and see if anyone else could get some use out of it.

It's your typical AGA 20 long with clear silicone. It's in great shape and I recently painted the back a dark blue. It would definitely work as a nice display.

I open to trades or offers. I collect zoos and rics.
Here she is. I tried to clean it up a little but it only made the glass look hazy. Looking over it it is in excellent shape.

I'll tade it for any colorful zoo frags or rics or $25.

No just the tank. I made the stand for my wife and goes to another tank so I'm holding onto that.

The price is now $20 though for the tank or $15 and a frag of zoos or a polyp of ricordia.