FS/FT: Gold Stripe Maroon Clown PAIR


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I'm going in a less aggressive direction with my stocklist and I'm looking for a new home for my GSMC pair. They are bonded, and I will not separate them. Beautiful, 3.5 years old, super healthy, and fat. The female is 4+ inches and super dark, and the male is about 3 inches. They eat everything but pellets. These were my first fish in this hobby, so I'm sad to let them go.

Note: they are agressive and can hold their own against large triggers, etc. They have never killed any of my fish, but they are very territorial and will do best in an agressive or semi-aggressive tank. They mostly keep to themselves and the brain coral they host, but will defend it for sure!

Will trade for another clown pair (black ocellaris or percs), Midas Blenny, or maybe a nice sized flasher or fairy wrasse. Higher end SPS frags might entice me as well.

Otherwise, I'd like to get $75 for them.

Located in Hollywood Hills 90068. I'm free this week and weekend.

VIDEO: Gold Stripe Maroon Clownfish Pair