FS: Gold Stripe Marroon Clown with mutated markings, plus a free Pajama Cardinal


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OK, 1 fish for sale, 1 fish for free:
1) I'm not sure "mutated markings" is the correct term, but I have a small (>2") Gold Stripe Marroon Clown Fish with a variant marking/stripe pattern: Instead of a center gold/yellow stripe, this fish has a circle/oval, like a bulls-eye on both sides. Pretty round on one side, more oval on the other.

He came from my work tank (now broken down) and has been living in my sump for a month now. I can't keep him in the main tank do to the larger clown of another species.

Let's say $20? Gold stripe marroons seem to run $35 in stores, and this one is a bit rarer, though hardly an ultra-exotic varient.

2) Free to good home, small-medium Pajama Cardinal. Hardy and well adjusted peaceful fish, my wife just doesn't like him, so he will get replaced. It will take me a bit to catch him since I have to lay in my trap, so you may have to give me a couple of days once you commit to taking him off my hands.