FS: Harlequin Shrimp - Nice size


Gone Postal
I bought 2 harlequins several months ago to put in my DT to rid myself of an asterina problem however I have a wrasse and a hawkfish in the DT as well.

I tried a few times to catch these fish and failed (even with my own eggcrate fish trap). The wrasse isn't a problem but the hawkfish just will not have anything to do with the trap.

1 of the harlequins ended up dieying. I guess I ended up with a same sex pair. The other is now big and fat.

Since he resides in my fuge I don't really get to see and enjoy him and it just costs me money to feed him so I need to let him go.

Harlequins look the same but if you really need a pic I can take one sometime today.

First $20 takes him home.