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This was a fun project, but it's time to get out. I splashed some water onto my LED driver today, and it's done. I don't have the desire to figure it out or replace it to get everything going again. I want to sell everything at once, rather than parting it out.

Here's what I have:

Innovative Marine 10g (no leaks or scratches)
Black stand
XP Aqua duetto auto top off w/ 4 gallon reservoir
DIY Cree LED light w/ sturdy slotted aluminum mount (I don't know the par rating, but it delivers plenty of light for all of the corals (sps, zoas, gsp). Has a 20k color to it, but it can be adjusted with the controller)
MakersLED driver (This is the one that got wet...might be an easy fix, but I am not sure.)
MakersLED Controller (various modes, sunrise to sunset, etc.)
Moon lights

Hanna instruments PH monitor
Hanna instruments alkalinity colorimeter
Hanna Instruments calcium colorimeter
API Testing kit
Red Sea Mag Pro test kit
Jebao wavemaker
Hydor Koralia 240 Powerhead
Innovative Marine UV light

Bucket of Red Sea Coral Pro salt
Kalkwasser mix (BRS)
Misc. additives
Misc. parts
5 gal buckets (2)
5 gal water jugs (2)

black & white ocellaris clown
ocellaris clown

great zoas
pink goniopora
monti caps (purple, green, orange)
one green acro

I'd like to get $400 for everything, or best reasonable offer.

I'm in North San Jose near 237 and First.

sorry for the poor pics...iPhone hates the blue light.


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