FS: Inline pump


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I have a pump which I purchased 4 months ago - Resun MD 55 - which I used for only 2 months and only ran it approx 5 hrs a day.....

It is/was just too powerful for my setup - 110 gal tank/ single skimmer into a wet dry/only 4 to 5 foot return. The pump worked great, but it would just create too much current and it was trying to drain my wet/dry faster than it could fill.

I disassembled a month ago, went with a smaller pump, and the Resun has been sitting in the box. I actually purchased it from Aquacave - still have the order slip - and they seem to be the cheapest I found out there..... Here is the specific pump...


Pretty heavy pump and the shipping on it was 15-$20. I think this pump would work great on a 125+ gal setup with dual overflow... on a setup where there was longer return, etc.....

I am asking $105, obo... Just consider me a tester - the pump has been tested, works great, and is ready to go!!