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Lots of Jaw Breakers for sale. I just decided to redo my nano because basically these took the tank over the last few years. So I am selling as many as I can.

These all started from 1 quarter size piece about 2.5 years ago.

Some of the mama's are the size of an open hand 5" when fully inflated. Most have a few green specs and seem to develop better on ones that get shade as babies.

Pick up is in Simi Valley or during the days I am at my shop in Van Nuys. First come first serve. I also have others.

Also I can send better pics via email or text and I have extra babies laying around which I can always give a few with purchases.

A - $150 single L colorful jawbreaker
B - $225 L mom with multiple babies on clam shell
C - $125 single L jawbreaker
D - $200 multiple M jawbreakers and a very colorful smaller one
E - $100 single M jawbreaker
F - $200 single M jawbreaker with nice green marks
G - $50 single S jawbreaker
H - $100 single jawbreaker
I - $225 XL mother jawbreaker
J - $200 XL mother jawbreaker
K - $175 XL mother jawbreaker
L - $60 M Jawbreaker
M - $60 M Jawbreaker
N - $50 M Jawbreaker
O - $50 M Jawbreaker
P - $100 multiple M / S Jawbreaker


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Why right before Christmas [emoji30][emoji3590]
Hopefully these are still here after the new year!
If your interested in a trade PM!

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