FS: K2R Calcium Reactor, Arctica 1/3HP Chiller, pumps and more...


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Now that I'm no longer keeping SPS corals in my tank, I was able to reduce the amount of equipment needed to run my tank. Plus, with my first child on the way, having some extra cash around would be nice. So here is a list of what I have available. All items are first-come, first-served. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.

K2R Calcium Reactor - $225
-All acrylic construction
-Reliable Eheim recirculation pump - extremely energy efficient 5W pump.
-Virtually silent operation
-Small 8"x8" footprint
-19" height allows placement in even short tank stands
-Water tight o-ring top seal
-Easy servicing - unit completely disassembles
-Integrated bubble counter
-Handles up to 450 gal. systems

I will also include a Maxijet feed pump and an unopened bucket of Koralith media.


JBJ Arctica 1/3HP Titanium Chiller - $425
-Approx. 18 months old
-Flow Rate (min/max): 8/40 gpm (I fed it with a Mag 12)
-Dimensions: 15.7" x 13.7" x 17.7"

This chiller only needed to run 2-3 hours per day to keep my 300g tank at 79.9 degrees when I was running 3x400W MH and a boatload of pumps.


Iwaki MD55RLT External Pump - $175
This pump is practically brand new. I ran it for less than a month when I experimented with a DIY Beckett skimmer.



Also available are:

Mag Drive 12 Pump - $50

AGA 65g (non-RR), AGA stand, and a partially finished DIY canopy - $125
I'll have pictures of this tank later this week.
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rob, do you ever make it to chicago? not sure where homewood is...

Homewood is about 20 miles or so straight south of the city. I do get into the city (south side) quite often, but rarely get north of 55th street. If you are interested in any of the equipment, I'm not at all adverse to meeting someplace halfway.
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how old is the mag 12

The pump is about 18 months old. I used it as the feed pump for my chiller.
Here is what remains for sale:

K2R Calcium Reactor - $225

Iwaki MD55RLT External Pump - $175 (less than 1 month of use)

Mag 12 Pump - $50
Everything in this thread is now spoken for, but I'll be starting a new thread in the next few days with a few other drygoods for sale that are still on the 300g.