FS: Kessil A360

Lance A. Lot

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I have 2 Kessil a360 for sale.
These are used. I used them for 4+ years on a 75gl and I bought them used. They are connectable/controllable via apex and some cables. I will include ac cables and apex cable if bought together.

Selling because they don't turn on and off at the same 0-10 volt settings as the a360We fixtures do when controlled via apex. So if you have them linked together with newer a360's they will turn on and off differently than the rest of your tank lighting. Also I replaced some of my lighting with Radions.

Kessil a360 - $100 per fixture or best offer... open to some livestock/frag trading

kessil to apex cable - $10

Lance A. Lot

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Forgot to say they are the 360W- tuna blue
W means wide angle spread vs N for narrow.

They are also the old style power cord pins. Each one comes with an extra power extension cord.

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