FS LED grow light & EuroReef skimmer


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Red and blue LED grow light. Excellent for plants and aquarium refugiums. I grew cheeto and mangroves under it and they did great. I switched to a larger light as they grew too big. $30.00

EuroReef Skimmer. Old school skimmer that works great. This one is set up for a Sedra 5000, 9000 or both depending on your bio load.. Combine it with a modern needle wheel pump for a skimmer (like a Varios 6s) to make it as good as any for a fraction of the price. These are set it and forget it skimmers. 8" diameter body. 25" tall. Only needs an additional 1/8" to remove collection cup.$50.00

Sadly RC makes posting photos much harder than other sites, so txt 714-791-8900 for photos of either.
Shipping avaliable at cost.. Cash, credit cards or PayPal accepted.