FS: LPS, Complete Running QT Setup, JBJ ATO, DJ Strip, Weatherproof Timer, Rio 600


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I'm off probation so I am going to re-post my threads that were deleted. My PMs are working again so please PM me if you are interested.:

First I have a complete QT setup for sale:

I personally feel that copper is the best treatment for crypt and many other parasites but there are some who do prefer Hypo. This tank can be used for either, but since it has been treated with copper it can never be used for inverts/coral again. PLEASE do not post in this thread if your only intention is to recommend/debate Copper vs. Hypo. Many people may think they already have some of the little supplies that I have included, but if you use copper it is very important to have 2 sets of EVERYTHING. If you have any questions about copper vs. hypo please feel free to PM me. This setup is fully cycled and kept running so if you need it NOW it is ready to go. Unfortunately I do not have a heater for it though.

I am looking for $125 complete and will not part out so please do not ask.

The setup comes with:

  • 20L Tank
  • Stand/Canopy w/light
  • Cupramine
  • Seachem Copper Test Kit (1 month old)
  • Fluval 405 Canister Filter
  • Air Stone
  • Air Pump
  • Egg Crate Divider
  • Egg Crate Cover for One Section of Divided Tank
  • Various PVC Elbows
  • Hydrometer
  • Test Tubes for API test kit
  • Net
  • Siphon
  • Turkey Baster
  • Plastic Cup (for food)
  • Large Bag of Nori
  • 1/2 Jar of NLS Pelletts
  • Thermometer




Next I have an American DJ Power Strip which I have cut the rack mount tabs off in order to make it fit in my old stand. Looking for $15 on this one.


Next is a JBJ ATO. It comes with one float switch and all the adjustable brackets to hang the switch in the sump/tank. $50 FIRM on this one.


Next is a Woods Dual Outlet (2 outlets on 1 timer) Outdoor Timer. Looking to get $10 FIRM on this but only $5 if you purchase anything else.


Next is a Rio 600 Power head. It runs well and pushes water but somewhere along the line someone cut the cord and put an extension on it. The original length connected to the power head is MORE then long enough for submersible use in a 30" deep tank. Looking for either $10 or trade for a MJ400 or MJ600 (to use with my Phosban Reactor). Photo can be sent upon request.

Next I have 2 LPS corals for sale/trade. As far as trades I am looking for Green Acan Lord, Orange Zoas, Blue Milli, Encrusting Montis, or possibly any other SPS:

This was given to me as a Hellboy Chalice but neither me or the person that gave it to me knows whether it is truly a Hellboy Chalice. It does have the red flesh and neon orange eyes though but I am selling it as a SkullV Flaming Dr. Pepper (hows that israel.kendall?). The EC Hellboy goes for $175 for 1/2"x1/2". This is larger (1"x1"), and I'm asking for $50 (I have removed the feather duster tube from the frag as well).



Next I have a decent sized frag of Favites Sp. I have had the Favites for a couple months now and they have grown a bit. The closer they get to the light the darker the red gets. The centers are always a bright glowing green. I currently have it on the sand because it does have some decent sized sweepers and I had nowhere else to put it. Price is $30 OBO.




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Timer, ATO, Chalice Gone.

Still Left:
  • DJ Strip
  • QT Setup
  • Favites Sp. Frag
  • Rio 600 Pump


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PM Replied.

Only QT Setup, Rio 600, and Favites Left!!

Favites price drop $25 or trade for flat piece of live rock at least 12"x6". I will also consider trades for the Rio for enough GFO for a TLF 150 phosban reactor.
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QT - $100 FIRM - Remember you can still use the stand for any 20L/29g tank, buy it all, save some money, and part it out yourself!

Favites - $15 or trade for Rainbow Monti.


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Bump! wow, if I had space for this I'd get it just for another tank set up, but I'm out of room and honestly don't need another tank, hahaha.

Someone buy this though for real.