FS: Magfloat 350 and JBJ nanocube bulbs - Davis, CA


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I've got the following for sale in Davis, CA. I can also meet in SF if someone in the bay area wants it.

1. Magfloat 350 for glass - Used 1 week
Large 3-5/16" x 2-5/8" x 2-1/8" 350 gallon tank 5/8"
Selling because I had to sell the tank it was used for. Regular
price is usually $22-25


2) 2 pairs of JBJ nanocube bulbs -24w 50/50 10K daylight
and 7100Kblue
1 set - 4 months old, bought from nanotuners.com
2nd set - 2 weeks old, from jbjnanocube.com
Selling because my tank had a huge algae bloom because of
either water quality or bulbs being too old. These bulbs didn't
seem to help the situation so I went with Hamiltons, more
water changes and an algae blenny :) Regular price on these
are $17 each from jbjnanocube and $19 from nanotuners

$35 for all 4 bulbs

Thanks for looking.