FS: Marineland 300DD Starphire Tank Stand 80 Gallon Sump SCH 80 Plumbing


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The time has finally come that I sell my 300DD Starphire.

As you know, people who have these tanks tend to keep them for a LONG time.

Unfortunately MarineLand custom tank department no longer manufacture these tanks.

I bought mine about 4 years ago with the upgraded Starphire option.

Weighs roughly 260 lbs.

I built a stand with premium prime pine 2 x 6 boards and 1 inch thick plywood for the floor and top. I used the compression method. I doubled the support by using not on support beam but two! Look at the picture below.

Also built the stand 44 inches high so you can stick any size skimmer or CO2 tank under the tank. The higher the better and more realistic for long term maintenance.

For scale, that is a Super Reef Octopus 5000 skimmer in the sump with two 3 inch neck extenders. Very generous area to work.

The Sump is a Deep Blue Professional 80 gallon non drilled reef ready tank. It has a 40 gallon refugium partitioned with BLACK acrylic dividers.

All Plumbing is Schedule 80 Pipes and $100 ball valves and $25 unions all over the place to manage a silent operation.

So realistically, I have easily $4,000 plus into this Tank, Stand, Sump & SCH 80 Plumbing components.

I will sell it all for $1,200.

BUT the buyer must arrange a crew and truck to move out of my house. I have large double doors in the front of the house and so you can back up the truck to the door and it will be a 30 foot straight shot onto the truck.

Thank you for your interest.

PM is best!

BobbyV :wildone:

Matching Hanging Bracket for the ATI 80 x 8 Sunpower and 5ft XHO LED's will be parted out.



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Ultimate deal opportunity - Price Revised to offer turn key system.

For an extra $500 to make it $1,500 total. :eek2:

I will add the following:

Super Reef Octopus 5000 INT Skimmer with both 3 inch neck extenders


ATI 60 inch 8 Bulb Sunpower with full set of ATI bulbs and extra bulbs.


Reefbrite XHO Actinic 60 inch LED Fixture

(In other words, I spent $6,000 so you can buy it all for $1,500)

75% Savings to the buyer.

If you ever wanted a larger high quality tank system for cheap, here is your chance. Buyer must hire a moving company or personal crew. I value convenience more than money as you can see. Moving company would roughly charge $300 FYI.
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