FS: mated maroon clown


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FS: mated maroon clown with gold stripes and hybrid maroon with white stripes. This came with the full set-up that I bought, what would be a fair price for them?

I will post pics later.


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I'd to take the first dip shall the price is right and the fish look good. Thanks

the hybrid maroon looks really cool! What do you think is the right price?


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u might want to post a price before the mods close down ur thread.

If you read above I was asking what would be a fair price for them. Now if you now or have any idea how much I should sell them for pls. PM so I can post it.


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Petco has maroons on sale for $15 right now. We sell maroons for $20-$30 depending on their origin. If they are a proven pair then ask for high end. If you want to get rid of them go low. Also getting maroons to pair up is no problem, so a pair isn't an issue for most breeders.

Hope this helps.