FS: Misc equip

Green Mariner

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I’ve been out of the hobby for many years. I have a bunch of equipment I need to get rid of ASAP.
It is pick up only and you have to take everything, I will not part this out. It’s $400 cash for everything first come first served.
I’m in PA. just past the Philly Airport in Delco.

1 – MR1 Becket Skimmer
1 - Geos Reef Calk reactor
100+ lbs of dry rock (varying size large to smaller)
2 – Rubbermaid Trash can water storage containers
6 stage RO/DI with TDS Meter (needs all filters)

Misc stuff:
Water pumps (mag & iwaki)
Berlin skimmer with upgraded venturi
Refractometers & TDS Meters
MH ballasts & bulbs (I think there are 2 -250 & 1 -150 DE)
Lots of other little things…
I have no idea if the pumps or ballasts work. I assume they do because I still have them