FS: Misc, nano chiller, light, coralife mounting legs


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First up, Nanocustoms chiller for nano tanks. Brand new, never used. $60

Nanocustoms ICA 2.0 - Hang on Tank
In its second generation, the Nanocustoms Integrated Chill Assist (ICA) is an In Line Thermoelectric Chill Assist Device.

This version is for non specific application of the ICA. The end user will have to determine the best method for attachment.

Water is pumped up into the device in what is known as the “cold water loop”. All water passing through this device achieves an instantaneous 0.3-0.5 F drop in temperature. Over time, this chill assist can add up to a lot of cooling potential. Depending on thermal loads, users can see temperatures as low as 5-8 F below ambient.

Featuring a new Acetal Delrin Waterblock, NPSM ¼” Fittings and improved heat transfer performance, the new ICA 2.0 provides 25% more cooling than previous generations.

NOTE: This is NOT an application specific version of the ICA. It will require some modification to suit your particular application.

1 x Nanocustoms ICA 2.0
2 x 1/2" NPSM to 1/4" Pipe Fitting
2 x O-Rings
1 x 60x60x10mm Fan
1 x DC Pin to Fan Adapter
1 x AC Adapter 12v/500mA
1 x AC Adapter 8.4v/2500mA


Next, Coralife 18w PC light, used to light fuge section of my nano tank for 4 months. 2 x 9w, 9" long. $15


Last, Coralife adjustable mounting legs for Aqualights. Brand new, never used. (will not work with 9" light above). $10