FS Neptune Apex Classic


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Happy Turkey Day. Selling my Apex Classic as I have upgraded to 2016 Apex. Everything works 100%.

Comes with Following:
- Apex Head unit
- pH probe (In use about a year, have not let it run dry)
- BRS ORP probe (in use about 8 months)
- Temperature Probe
- Energy Bar 8
- Aquabus Cable

Sold together $350. (does not incluse 1LINK module in picture, sold seperate)

Also have 1LINK module available. Comes with Power supply and Aquabus Cable. $100

Feel free to PM me or text me @ Eight One Three Five Four Five Three Six One Zero


<img src="http:\\chickenliver.chickenkiller.com\apex\fs\1.jpg" alt="Apex">

<img src="http:\\chickenliver.chickenkiller.com\apex\fs\3.jpg" alt="Apex">

<img src="http:\\chickenliver.chickenkiller.com\apex\fs\4.jpg" alt="Apex">

<img src="http:\\chickenliver.chickenkiller.com\apex\fs\5.jpg" alt="Apex">

1LINK Module:

<img src="http:\\chickenliver.chickenkiller.com\apex\fs\2.jpg" alt="Apex">