FS - o2manyfish's old 400g Project Tank and Stand - Need Picked Up ASAP


Hey All,

My 400g (96x33x29) tank needs a new home. As you may have heard there is a seam between the front panel and the side panel going bad. I rushed to get the livestock out of the tank before it blows.

The tank is still filled with water (Weds at 12:30pm) and not leaking. Once the tank is drained and the pressure off the panel then it can be repaired by someone who knows acrylic.

The tank was custom built with an entirely open top. It has a steel frame holding it together which needs to be replaced. The tank design called for a powder coated stainless steel frame, and the douche bag builder used regular steel and then spray painted it. It has a black back. It has an oversized overflow in the back left with 3 2" bulkheads.

The stand was designed by an engineer. It's made out of 2x4 and larger steel. It has an open right side sitting on a single post. The Stand was engineered to support over 20k lbs.

I have all the fish out and would like to drain and remove the tank ASAP.

I'm a straight shooter. I can't say I want $XXX for an aquarium, that isn't ready to go home and be an aquarium. This is a project tank. If you are interested in the tank and stand either as a project, or for the raw materials, just make me a decent offer to come pick it up and take it away. I'll even throw in free corals :)

Tank is in Encino (for now I hope)

But to follow the posting rules on RC, I must state a price - So the asking price is $654 OBO

And I absolutely will NOT accept my asking price - So you must offer much less :)

Dave B


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Nicely worded, Dave.
I hope that tank finds a new home, it would be such a shame if you had to chop it up.


Lowball me for much less than $333 (Rules say I have to post a price) - I need this tank gone this weekend and I won't deal with a Craigslist Meth head.

Right now it's 7.30am on Sat (1-2-21) if you want the tank and stand, you have a truck, and you have some big friends - available this weekend -please speak up.

If I don't get a taker by afternoon today, I'm going to just cut it all up and make it scrap - Which would be a shame. (I need someone to commit by this afternoon - Commit that they will be able to pick the tank up in the next few days)

If you have any interest in this, please contact me ASAP before this beautiful tank is no more.

Dave B