FS: OM Super Squirt - Iwaki 30rt - 40rxt


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I finally got salt water in my 75 gal tonight. I've been planning and buying stuff for a year. Well of course I changed the design and have some extra stuff for sale.

Iwaki WMD30RLT, $100, ran for 10 minutes with fresh water until wife told me to get a quieter pump. She got used to the Ehiem I have on the 40g.

Iwaki WMD40RXLT, $150, Brand new in box decided to go with 4 Tunze 6055 pumps and a multi-controller instead of a closed loop.

Oceans Motions Super Squirt with a version 2 drum, $200, never used it was for the closed loop also.

Links for more info:
Super Squirt
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