FS or FT: Retro T5 kit


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T5 retrofit items:
(2) 24" parabolic reflectors
(2) 24" UVL Aquasun bulbs
(1) 24" UVL True Actinic bulb
(3) pairs of T5 endcaps with standoffs
(2) 24w/39w HO T5 ballasts

Its a 3 bulb setup, needs another parabolic reflector for a "complete" 3 bulb setup....

Also has room on the pair of ballasts that you could easily do a 4th bulb...

All the items are new, MAYBE a couple hours use when I was seeing how much light they gave off over the 29g frag tank I was going to do with these lights.

$120 ORO or trade for some nice zoas, rics, open brain, elegance, nice size candy cane, pretty much any LPS but hammer, frogspawn, and torch.....

Great way to get into T5 lighting. :)


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So this is not assembled? I am interested. Is a 3 bulb setup enough or would you recommend adding the 4th?


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I have it screwed to some wood for a 30" wide tank, but you could mount it inside any canopy you wanted to....

So it's kind of assembled. I have it wired so that the two daytime lights are working, you can add the second ballast to drive the actinic no problem, I'm alsogoing to scrounge up some extra wire for it to wire it in....

I think 3 bulbs would be enough for a 12" wide tank, but the extra bulb couldnt hurt. :D


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In addition to a pump habbit I also have a ballast habit:)
If you don't find cash I might have some coral to trade ya.