FS: purple/green/orange Riccordea yuma rock + other softies


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Riccordea yuma rock with purple/green base orange bulbs with 10+ heads. a rock fell on it last week so a couple heads have kind of bleached out. $50


rock full to the brim of camo-looking shrooms
rock is about 4"x3" $20


rock full of purple/blue shrooms


1/2" frag from this guy. has 3 mouths. fragged about 2 weeks ago



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about 5"x3"

i also have a sun coral for sale. nursed it back to health from almost dead. about 2 inches in diameter Polyps are all connected on 3/4 of the visible section. a few lone polyps on back. i would say its back to good health. $20


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had them a couple months. i actually have 2 rocks with them and might be willing to frag that one up if there is interest. That rock i wanted to keep because the polyps are smaller but ill break one off for $10/head if there is interest.