FS: RBTAs in Oakland


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Been awhile since I've posted. Anyways starting to save up for a new tank since mine is almost 10 years old now so I figure it's a good time to clear out anemones!

I have a few of these RBTA's that I got awhile back (I think they originally came from Mobert) but they're super hardy and have a really nice coloration to them. Sort of a pinkish pedal disc and column, red tentacles, and some thin white stripes on the oral disc. My tank is not quite tank of the month material anymore, but this is a good picture.

This particular one is about 4-6 inches in diameter on the oral disc and it stretches out to have a fairly large reach. The progenitor anemone hasn't moved positions in literally 5+ years and when I have these in other tanks, once they settle, they seem to follow the same behavior. I've had both perculas and ocellaris host them almost instantly.

I have no idea what anemones are going for nowadays, but I guess $50 is alright for this size? I've got a few, but this one is easiest since it's on the front panel. (My addiction the last few years has been magic cards so I wouldn't mind taking some in trade as well!)


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I'm interested. I had massive die out a while back and the new ones I bought have not been reproducing. I also have LOTS of small clownfish if you want to trade.


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I'm interested in one also. If still available next weekend I'll come grab one if that works for you.. Thanks..



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I actually have some small ones too Tkieu78 in the other tank. It's become a bit of an anemone garden. There's two that are 1-2 inches in diameter I believe. The rest are fairly massive. I attached some photos for Dapg8gt and Mobert.


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