FS: Red Sea Reefer 200XL setup and livestock


I am selling my Red Sea Reefer 200 XL setup. Purchased and setup back in December 2020. Selling because I upgraded to a 200g.

Equipment: Tank (no scratches), stand, sump, led light (AI Prime), protein skimmer, return pump, ato reservoir, powerhead, heater, sump light, sock and holder, ph and temperature 2-1 continuous monitor.

The tank currently has live rock, sand, quite a few happy corals and fish. (7) Fish: Mandarin (ORA), Clownfish, Banggai cardinal, Leopard wrasse, Lawnmower blenny, Flame hawkfish and Solar wrasse. Inverts: Banded coral shrimp, Blood red fire shrimp and a Peppermint shrimp.

I need to sit down and do a coral list/inventory, but I estimate there is about $1000 worth in corals, but who knows with current prices.

I can’t upload pictures but will keep trying. If interested, please message me and I’ll send pics.

Price: $2000 all inclusive (tank setup, livestock).

$1000 tank setup only (no livestock, rock or sand). Would need to wait until livestock is moved.

Happy reefing!