FS: Red Sea Reefer Deluxe 425 XL Aquarium w/ Apex, Gyre, ReefLed Etc.


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Im in the process of moving to a new home and need to sell my Red Sea Reefer 425XL. I have over $5000 invested in the system as you can see in the breakdown. Also including a lot of testing probes, kits, and chemicals, that are not included in the break down.

I would prefer to sell as a package but would only be interested in piecing it out once the tank has been sold.

Im located in Pembroke Pines.

RedSea Reefer 425 XL v3 $2300
2 ReefLed 90s $700
Hydor Seltz D 1200 return pump $160
Reefer RSK-300 Skimmer $299
Neptune Apex WiFi Controller $799
Maxspect XF330 Gyre $299
Maxspect XF330 Pump only $150
HMO 300 Watt heater $36
CaribSea Life Rock 60lbs $170
CaribSea Live San 50Lbs $58
4 Stage RO/DI $200
RO Booster Pump $70
Test Kits $100+

All fish and corals have already been sold