FS- Reef Octo BH1000 HOB Skimmer & More Reef Stuff


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1. Looking to get $120 OBO it looks brand new, works great, given a vinegar bath.

2. I also have a brand new Ushio 20k DE 250w halide lam- looking to get $30.

3. Still have some rock left. Nice pieces currently in saltwater just chilling. $2.00 per pound no algae, just coraline and some asterinas.

4. Ocean Runner 2500 Return Pump. I think I got it from John it may still be his hehe $25. Here is a link- http://www.bulkreefsupply.com/ocean-runner-2500-625gph.html

I'm interested in trading for an All In One small frag tank. Thanks! Or cash is good also. I may have a few things to add later.

Pick up in Tustin.



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$90 FIRM on the skimmer if someone is interested.

I am looking for a AIO frag tank, something around 20 to 24" long. I will buy it from you if you aren't interested in a trade. Hit me up. Thanks!