FS: reef tank, supplies


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Pickup in north Fremont, make an offer I can't resist, want this long dormant setup gone.:uzi:

Heat and flow was turned off 3 months ago, but there's still life.. brittle stars, cheeto, etc..
All equipment was bought brand new by me, ages 2-6 years

- 1x 40g drilled on side with glass holes overflow box, screen net to keep jumpers in, original stock light $50,
- 1x 20g long sump, $20
- 2x 20g tall, used only water changes or vacation top off reservoir $30 for both
- very nice Live rock that I collected over the years, more than enough for a 40g display and sump, includes one magnet mount fake live rock, Caribsea special grade live sand, $100
- Tune 9410 doc skimmer (original) needs new impeller magnet (appx $55 from tunze) - $100
- Knop nano calcium reactor with ehiem 1046 recirc pump $50
- 1x unopened 200g box liveaquria, 1x unopened 50g instant ocean bag, 1x 50% used 50g instant ocean bag $55
- 2x aluminum heatsinks for DIY led both are 20" long x 4.5" wide $20 for both
- free with skimmer: BRS two part, one gallon full cacl, soda ash about half used, will add mag if I find it, salifert test and others test kits past expiry, use at own risk (although I used them, results weren't critically far off)

$375 for everything.. or make an irresistible offer.

Looking for anything specific to make this your next dream setup? Ask away... i have way more that I'm hoarding for my future large tank but will be happy to see these actually used..


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Basic pine stand canopy included, it's in the shorter side that I made for my then little ones to easily see