FS: sand and rock


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I'm taking down my 72 gallon and going with a 120 gallon. I have new rock and sand for the 120 so I figured I'd offer up the sand/rock from the 72.

Aprox 100 lbs of sand and 100 lbs of rock.

asking $0.50 per lb of sand ($40 takes it all)

asking $2.50 per lb for the rock (take it all for $175)

I will do the tank/stand/rock/sand for $325!

link to the tank/stand http://reefcentral.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2320342

Disclaimer: I do have spots of bubble algae and hair algae in my tank.


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Well the tank came down today, have no way to keep the sand/rock live.

Want rock? $50
Sand? $50

Buy rock and I'll give you 2 gallons of muriatic acid.

Rock, sand, acid $80!