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Sort of not as "hardcore" as I used to be in this hobby.

I am selling my collection of SPS colonies.

Some are almost 12 inches. ie: Green Slimer.

They make look small because this is a 6ft tank!

Trust me they are huge and a majority of them as big or bigger then your palm.

I have gone through great lengths to try and keep any SPS pest out of this collection.

I highly encourage you to quarantine anything you buy from anyone.

Dip everything!

My collection will be stated below. About 40 species.

$500 for everything.

Which comes out to $12.50 per species if you do the math.

So even if you go too crazy on the dip and kill some of the colonies - I am pretty sure you are coming out ahead financially.

If you go to some of these higher end LFS's. $500 doesn't really get you too far.

You can get many frags out of the colonies if you are entrepreneurial, which some people on this local forum tend to be.

To be honest, I found a new addiction, which involves a GTX 1080 graphics card and a game called "PUBG".

  • ORA Blue California Tort Acropora Tortuosa
  • Orange Passion Tenuis Acropora
  • Red Montipora Setosa
  • Vivid Rainbow Delight Acropora
  • Mike Paletta Pink Tip Stag Acropora
  • Pro Corals Rainbow Acropora
  • ORA Red Planet Acropora
  • Reef Raft Aussie Gold
  • Jason Fox Flame Acropora
  • Strawberry Fields of Dreams Acropora
  • Pearlberry Acropora
  • WWC Frozen Rose Acropora
  • WWC Spath Millepora
  • Tyree Rainbow Stylophora
  • WWC Snowdrop Acropora
  • WWC Terra Red Acropora
  • WWC Starfruit Millepora
  • WWC Gonzo Blueberry Diesel Acropora
  • WWC Sky Blue Millepora
  • Corn Bread Pink Tip Acropora
  • WWC Vic's Granulosa Acropora
  • WWC Christimas Mirabilis Acropora
  • WWC Royalty Acropora
  • WWC Blueberry Fields Acropora
  • Ora Tri-Color Valida Acropora
  • ORA Joe The Coral
  • Rocky Mountain Frag Extreme Shortcake Acropora
  • Rocky Mountain Frags Transistor
  • Hawkins Echinata
  • ORA Green Slimer
  • Reef Direct Extreme Rainbow Millepora
  • Frog Skin Acropora
  • WWC Rainbow Montipora
  • WWC BobbyV Diablo Millepora Yellow with Red Polyps
  • WWC Red Lemonade Acropora
  • Raspberry Nasuta Acropora
  • Orange Passion Millepora
  • Limited Edition Hellfire White & Red Polyps Acropora
  • Limited Edition Smurf White & Blue Polyps Acropora

Thinking about breaking down the 300DD also but the wife loves the fish too much. So we will see. Fish are easy to take care of.

Enjoy the pictures. These corals are a year to maybe 1.5 years old.



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Super interested to stock my tank with fish and corals let me know if the deal falls through plz

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