FS- Submale Dusky Wrasse Halichoeres marginatus


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I would like to try a couple female leopards for my male, so I want to lighten my bioload.

So this guy is up for sale. Halichoeres marginatus "Dusky Wrasse" $40 OBO. I would also entertain a trade for some nice colored Zoas only. Otherwise cash. He is fine with shrimp as I have some in my tank and has never bothered them.

I can't get a good pic. This is an example of how he actually looks. His base is a darker color, but has Gold between the bars, yellow fins, and greens, yellows, and blues in the tail. He eats everything. I'll need to trap him when the buyer comes forward. He's about 3.5".

If you let me know in time I will be at CFM and SCRK this Sunday, otherwise I live in Tustin.




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Thats a very nice wrasse and good luck with the sale Cody
But you can add more fish in my opinion, my friend Brian up north have 50 healthy fish on his 90 gallons and His tank looks a lot better than mine ( his fish include personifier , declivis butterfly , dwarf angels, lots of nice anthias and rare wrasse!