FS: tank breakdown and part out


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Well I finally got rid of my fish so I spent the day breaking down and cleaning my equipment to sell. For sale is my Red Sea reefer 425xl version 3 sump and all the below equipment:

Tank, stand sump, with reefer ATO. $1200
(2)eco tech mp40qd $250 each
Vectra M1 return pump $250
Kessil AP700 with mounting arms $600
Reef octopus s202 skimmer $225
Tunze 3155 ATO $100
Tunze 8831 refugium light $40

Also available 20 gal long petco QT tank with 200w via aqua heater and a hydor 425 gpm powerhead $60
Hannah copper checker with reagents$20

Will throw in the QT tank to whoever buys the tank

Located in Temecula
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