FS: Tank breakdown Rose bubbletips, fish, Ritteri Anemone


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Regrettably I will be breaking down my 175g this fall, I setup this tank early this year so the livestock I am selling are only about 6 months old. We are planning to get the house ready to move next years so the tank has to be cleared out this year for that preparation.

I will be selling my livestock first, then tank and equipment, all fish are completely disease free with most being tank raised. I can send photos for those seriously interested.

Onyx Clown pair + 11" Purple base Magnifica (ritteri) anemone, all very healthy. I want to sell the 2 clowns and nem as a group. Onyx Clowns are a mated pair 2.5" each, they have not yet spawned but they spend all their time in the nem. I'm owned the 11" magnifica for 4-5 years purchased from LiveAquaria. Very difficult to get these survive when shipped.
Sell clown pair and magnifica anenome for $180 OBO, Nem alone would sell for $200+

Yellow Tang 3 pack "“ Bought all three as babies, now they are about each about 2.5 - 3" and swim together. $165 for all three OBO

Bubbletip anemones "“ Black Widow variant: I have 4 or 5 of these beautiful anenomes. Sizes range from 2" "“ 4". Sell $50 each

Rusty Gorgonians "“ I have some larger ones I can frag $10 / 4-5" frag

~150 lbs. of Rare Pukani Live rock, now no longer available "“ these are select pieces of varying sizes from softball to basketball size. These were all hand picked from a larger group I purchased about 5 years ago. These are 100% pest free and have been in my tank for 6 months after bleaching and curing. Expensive but worth it due to its light weight and easily aquascaped shapes $5/lb OBO

Tropic Eden ReefFlakes live sand about 150 lbs. The best sand, doesn't blow around Sell $75 for all. Bring buckets!


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Interested in the clowns and the anemone. Will send you a pm after work

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