FS: Tank, Stand, ATO, Light Stand


Felipe Ramos
Hey guys time has come! Only a few corals and fish left, time to post my tank sale.

Tank is a Advanced Acrylics 60x24x20(h) 3/4
Its eurobraced, external overflow with 3 holes using bean animal, 2 returns one each side of the tank and the corners are polished.

There is some scratchs but you can buffer it... nothing deep.


It has a trigger triton44 sump! I think this is the best sump in the market if you want a big fuge. Amazing space. Love this sump so much! Yep I know its a mess [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]!



Also there is a advanced acrylics ATO 16x8x16! You know Johns quality so here we are. Lockers all over because of my son...

Stand is a cadlight stand! Fits perfect but if you want a advice, take out the little caps on the bottom... there is some small screw holes I used to put my pumps



Also a Ikea Cabinet that I was using as control board.. combines with the tank and has a nice white glass on front! I can drop the panel as well if you want!



I can also give you the plumbing but I will keep the anti return valves and the main ball valve so you will have to just connect two pipes there or use your own anti return valve and ball valve...

I have this tank for 2-3 years and it costed around 3500-4000 for this setup...

Im looking for $1600 for the whole thing.

I can send more photos if you want. Thanks

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