FS: Three AI Vegas


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Yesterday I pulled the trigger on 2 Kessil AP700s. Stoked to get my hands on those. :dance::dance:

I have for sale 3 AI Vegas mounted on a rail over my 125gal (72x22x18). I got them as a deal with my tank, which I bought from another reefer. I've had them now for over 2 years and have done . The only issue I've encountered is a puck will turn off here once in a rare while. Read it's due to overheating. I turn off and let cool off for a minute and turn back on. This only happens to the one in the center. I replaced the fan, which I got from AI a few months back and have not had it happen again.

They are currently being controlled by my Apex. Both the AI Controller and the Apex AWM module will be included in the sale as well as the hanging kit.

Asking $600 for everything. I'd like to sell as a package and not break it up.

PM me if you have any questions. If you like to come by and see them, they are on right now. I get the new lights on Tuesday so likely will not install them until next weekend.


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