Fuge questions...


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Hello everyone!

I have a fuge that I was having trouble getting macro-algae for so i bought two fairly small amounts of caulerpa and chaetomorpha. I put them both in the fuge added a 24" PC 2x65 and have them both growing well with the caulerpa growing through the cheato now.

Does anyone know if they will hurt or kill one another? Ive read the chaeto is better but both are doing well and the tank seems fine.

Also, Im getting red algae in the fuge but not in the main tank. Any thoughts? I added a small amount of red slime remover but it didnt do anything. Im sure I can add the required dosage and prob get rid of it but Im wondering is there a way to stop it from starting. I use RO water for top offs and prefer not to use the slime remover if possible. Its not like its taking over but it does form on top of the chaeto mainly, that floats. I remove it now and then but Im sure it has to be a sign something isnt quite right.

Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks!