Fuge substrate? : Miracle, Mineral or Fuji Mud


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I am in the process of adding a fuge for my existing 37 gal tank. However I am not sure of what to use in the bottom of the fuge for substrate. Here is what I have found:

Miracle Mud (ecosystem): $73-80 for 10 pounds

Mineral Mud (caribsea): $18-22 for 1 gallon

Fiji Mud Refugium Booster $12-15 for 24oz

Anyone have any suggestions on what I should use? I don't want to make a mistake in the begining and then have to change out the substate later (wasting time and money). Hope to hear lots of responses.


Rogger Castells

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I used a combination of Carib-sea coarse life-sand and 10 lbs of miracle mud, I had great results with my tank in general, the tank is being running now for two years. I need to replace 50% of the mud according to instruction but I am affraid to touch anything down there and destroy the balance.
Hope this helps