Full reef tank setup with livestocks


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Hi Everyone
Just want to see if anyone is interested in a completed mature setup with live stocks. Livestocks and rocks are over 2 years old and tank setup i brought used a few months ago. Reason for selling the is to consolidate down to 1 large tank.

Tank Dimension: 30 Width x 18 Depth x 18 Height
Tank with Stand Dimension: 30 Width x 18 Depth x 54 Height

-30-40lbs Live Rock (plenty for this set up.)
-Large Leather
-Devil hand Leather
-Cabbage Leather
-Kenya Tree Forest
-Various Mushroom
-Royal Gramma
-Panda Banggai
-Silver Damsel
-Brittle Sea star

-40 Gallon Rimless Tank with Black Stand
-Fully Plumbed for 15 Gallon Stock Glass Sump
-Jeba Ap3500 Return Pump
-Simplicity 120 DC Skimmer
-Eshopps 5 Gallon Acrylic ATO container
-3x Jebao OW-10
-Custom Tank Cover
-ADJ PC 100A Power Center
-Current USA 24" Bar LED under cabinet Light
-Hydor Smart Level Auto Top Off System with Mini Pump
-Reef Octopus Temperature Monitor Heater Control
-Eheim 300watt Heater
-3D Custom Print Filter Cup
-CFGROW 100W Refugium Light
-Free Refractometer and bag of salt

if you are interested in the PM me an offer for the whole thing. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.
pickup location is in SF. Must bring own bucket/container for the livestock/rocks/corals.