Fundraising for father's funeral (by selling corals)


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Hi everyone. I'm a member who has been on reefcentral for 2 yrs. I always get to meet a great people, and get good information from this forum.

Unfortunately my father has been passed away by heart attack, and me and my family going through very hard time.

As his first son, I want to give him the proper good bye but I didn't notice funerals are actually expansive.

So I want to sell corals that I have..
Unfortunately past tragedy made me neglect the corals, so my high end acros are gone. But I still have good corals to sell..

List of coral I have :

1. Jawbreaker colony with 4" mother and multiple quarter size babies.

2. Pink boobie charlice

3. Mummy eye charlice

4. Jf Beach bum montiproa

5. 5 +head frogspawn

6. 3 head splitting into 4 indo gold torch

7. 1 head DS torch which had 2 head before..

8. Little bleached homewrecker frag 3/4 inch

9 little bleached Walt Disney frag 3/4inch

10. Orange passion 2 "branch" frag 1 inch

11. Strawberry shortcake acro 1 inch 4 branches

12. 10 heads duncan coral

1 rock with tons of xenja

I'll post a picture tomorrow when i get to clean the tank..

Stay safe and love your family

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Is there somewhere where we can donate? Please share any gofundme or even just a PayPal.

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Sorry to hear. Hope everything goes well for you and your family. Prices on the corals?

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Your Inbox is full,
I'm interested in the jawbreaker colony, if you can pm me pics and a price

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So sorry for your loss. I loss my Dad last May so the pain is still pretty fresh and have some idea of what you are going through with the funeral and expenses. You gave me a couple of free frags when you tore down your 20L tank about a year ago. Just want to share that bit of info with the SoCal RC community to let others know about your generosity. As Thirst mention, if you have a GoFundMe page or PayPal account, please share so we can help with whatever we can.


Sorry to hear about your loss. Condolences.

When you get some time, you can pm me and I’ll like to see what I can purchase


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Thank you so much for kind words guys. Means a lot. Due to using tapatalk app, my pm is full all the time better directly contact to 310-963-9559

Jawbreaker, pink boobies, and beachbum has been spoken for.. if it get cancel I'll update it..

Aa for price just txt me your desire amount and coral.. as long as it's fair price I'll sell

As for GoFundMe it's..

Any amount is appreciated it.. if you can..

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