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I was going through some pics and I came across this one. Any Dads out there with older kids that are following in your footsteps?:fun2:


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My little guy loves any sea creatures and is turning into quite the reefer. Several people one here have frags from corals he bought with his birthday money.



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need i say more?


this pic is old, and i no longer have that tank. my son was about 6 months in that pic, he had just learned how to pull himself up on things. now hes 14mos old and i am chasing him everywhere! i have my tank baracaided with 4 full 5 gallon water jugs he cant move plus a coffee table on one side and a couch on the other. every now and then he catches me when i have it open and he tries to sneak his hand in my sump and splash the water.


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My 4 year old can name you everything in my tank and more. Not scientific names (yet) lol but just the everyday names


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My niece's and nephews are always looking at my tank and wanting to know what everything is. It's pretty cool when they come back over and remember what they were.


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My 10 month old daughter loves helping me with water changes! She's almost ready to climb up the latter and stick her hands in there!


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